Back-end Analyst – Junior

Last update: 13.10. 2021 13:42

Job Type: Full-time, Freelance,

Sector: Data Science & Analytics,

Hiring: Men and Women

We analyzed the situation and figured out that we needed an analyst.

Not sure if you are the right one? Do you want to know what you will do and who you will work for? Keep reading and I’ll sketch it out for you.

 I am looking for an analyst for a company that develops economic systems for several segments (state and public administration). The company is working on custom development, one of the projects you will be working on is an electronic customs solution. And you, as an analyst, will be very much needed. Why? You will design solutions for client requirements and then submit them to development, for processing. You oversee implementations and whether it will be the right result. To sum it up:


  • You will receive requests from the customer, analyze them and propose a solution
  • You will process the solution and pass it on to the developers
  • In the internal framework, you will create the back-end part of the project, the model and architecture
  • You will also get to basic scripting
  • You will pay attention to the correct implementation and testing
  • You will then process the documentation and show them how it all actually works


  • English and Czech at a good spoken and written level
  • UML, creation and analysis
  • Scripting, SQL, .NET, JavaScript
  • Communicating with candidates and colleagues is not a challenge for you

-These other things are not necessary, but they are an advantage-

  • Case tools, modeling in Enterprise Archiect
  • MS Visio, XML (XSD), JSON, GIT


  • Work in an informal environment, teambuildings and events
  • Opportunity to participate in various projects, including foreign ones (eg Serbia, Montenegro,…)
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • 5 weeks holiday, sick leave
  • Cafeteria, meal voucher
  • Refreshments and snacks at work
  • Multisport
  • Favorable prices from partners


Let us know if you want to be our analyst.

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Region: Czech republic,

District: Praha hlavní město

City: Praha


Your recruiter

Name: Andrea Ceľuchová