LinkedIn (non) changes

lin1-01You have surely noticed that LinkedIn has changed fairly significantly in Q1 2017. The question is, how many of the predicted changes have so far become a reality and will they ever?

Let‘s look at specific examples of the most frequently mentioned changes.


LinkedIn‘s image has undergone a big change – everyone should now see the new look, which is tailored for the mobile version of the site and should enable easier navigation on mobile devices. On the one hand, this step is understandable, since more than 55% of users in the Czech Republic connect to LI via mobile devices, but on the other hand, the slow loading of the pages is evident. Hopefully the developers will find a way to optimize everything.

Inability to see contacts of our links

Everyone feared that they won‘t be able to see contact info of their first-degree contacts. So far you can still see these. They have just been hidden in the right column of the profile, so you have to search a little before you can get to them.


Functionality of Boolean operators

They‘re still functional, there‘s nothing much to add. The predictions didn‘t come true. For example, when looking for jobs or candidates, you can search via Google X-ray where you can find relevant links using search commands.

Search alerts

You can still save 3 search commands to which you can come back and LinkedIn notifies you via e-mail when a new profile or a job meeting the saved criteria appears. Be careful though, since the beginning of the year, I have stopped getting e-mails with these notifications.

No intelligent content

So-called rich media are still present and messages from LinkedIn don‘t indicate any changes. So you can still put your work, photos or your CV into your personal profile!