ManpowerGroup Sheds Light on What Workers Want and the Rise of NextGen Work

Eighty-seven percent of people are open to NextGen Work NextGen work is a choice (81 percent) not a last resort (19 percent) It’s not just for Millennials – cash, control and skills development are priorities for all Meaningful work and employer appreciation are valued more by Boomers than any other […]

“You can’t find me a job in IT?” A sentence that changed my life

Read an interesting interview with Martin Šimon, lead “headhunter” at Experis, about why he doesn’t see people as just pieces of meat and how important it is to get to know them. I’ll admit it. When I headed to interview Mr. Šimon, I was thinking: „Oh boy, this is going […]

LinkedIn (non) changes

You have surely noticed that LinkedIn has changed fairly significantly in Q1 2017. The question is, how many of the predicted changes have so far become a reality and will they ever?Let‘s look at specific examples of the most frequently mentioned changes.ImageLinkedIn‘s image has undergone a big change – everyone […]

The Big Disconnect in Your Talent Strategy and How to Fix It

Today’s leaders must lead the work, not just the employees. Talent can move into and out of an organization, through a growing array of options such as freelance platforms, crowdsourcing efforts, and temporary, contract, or part-time work. The ManpowerGroup Contingent Workforce Index of 2013 showed 40% of all ManpowerGroup consulting […]

Learning new skills isn’t enough to stay ahead. You must also unlearn old ones

When we look at the dizzying pace of digital transformation, emerging technologies, and rapidly changing social-economic trends, how can organizations keep up? A better question to ask may be, what’s required for them to thrive in the future?Of course, nobody really knows for sure what the future holds. But we […]

The liquid market of Talent

Today we live in a time of uncertainty, a Vuca World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), where volatility, ambiguity and complexity have become common features of our private and professional life.The social networks are clearly the new economic operating social system that allows us to approach work in a different […]

Apollo software engineer Margaret Hamilton receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Obama awarded his last Presidential Medal of Freedom — the highest US honor given to a civilian — in a packed ceremony on Tuesday, according to The New York Times. Margaret Hamilton, the woman behind the onboard flight software for NASA Apollo lunar modules and command modules, was among […]

IT Talent Gap Grows with Tech Roles Second Hardest to Fill Globally

– 40% of employers report difficulties filling roles overall — the most severe talent shortage since the recession– IT roles jump 7 places in the global ranking, marking strong increase in demandMILWAUKEE, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Employers are experiencing the most acute talent shortage since 2007, with IT Staff ranking […]

The Information Technology Skills Gap is Growing

‘Skills Gap,’ you’ve undoubtedly heard this buzzword used quite a bit recently, whether it was on the news or in a meeting at work. The problem creating this gap, especially in the information technology sector, is that while there are plenty of job openings, there are too few individuals with […]

Recommend a buddy, earn a buck

How it’s doneDo you know someone suitable for our roles? IT specialists or even candidates for customer service jobs? Well then there is 5 000 – 10 000 CZK reward waiting for you.Introduce them to our consultants or send us their contact (mail, phone number or CV) here: [email protected]’t forget to add […]