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Meet the guys you might work with!

Now, have I got a fantastic offer to join a really great team here at EmbedIT working on something pretty cool to be honest. Our Mobile Application Teams are looking for an experienced Team Leader focused on .NET to join them.

Technical leader

Defends the technical integrity of the product by working with its product manager, developers and mainly with requestors to identify opportunities for improvement and refinement in their stories. Advocates for the teams quality by insisting on code reviews, automated tests, by helping refine unit tests strategies. Closely monitors health and performance of applications. Has understanding of the team’s works at all times.


First natural stop when a technical question cannot be answered by google or other sources. Can facilitate feedback and be a moderator in code review debates. Supports people development and makes space for that. Entrusts people with decisions that are increasingly important. Explains the architecture to newcomers. Is a servant rather than a boss.


Is a technical liaison to the stakeholders, requestors, management and other involved parties. Has release notes ready. Knows why the product owner should give an acceptance before release. Is a friendly counterpart when it comes to integration with other teams


Typical workload

  • Masters the domain that is related to the product being analyzed, designed, tested and developed properly. Uses the domain knowledge to understand and improve the product and, where applicable, to challenge requirements or taken direction.
  • Decides on team methodology and style of work. Assigns team roles to specific people. Facilitates on team scoped priorities.
  • Oversees delivery pipeline. Is responsible for continuous delivery of the product to production.
  • Encourages team mates to cooperate with other teams. Actively participates in foundation of guilds or other specialty related groups.
  • Cooperates with fellow team leaders. Continuously improves how team works, looks for gaps and errors in established processes.
  • Helps with the hiring process, making sure all team members are good fit personally and technically.
  • Is responsible for maximum transparency of the team. Decides on tools and practices to track work and progress. Makes sure the information is radiated on all possible fronts.


Must haves

  • University degree in IT preferable (or high school degree)
  • proven professional experience at the similar job role;
  • proven team player capabilities (practical experience from work on team project)
  • strong interpersonal skills
  • negotiation skills
  • positive approach
  • empathy
  • resilience to stress
  • time management skills
  • strong sense for personal responsibility
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills, organizational skills.
  • English – written and spoken on intermediate level
  • knowledge of software design
  • software documentation
  • development process, general consulting skills
  • knowledge of OOP principles
  • familiarity with financial products and principles
  • solid understanding of tracking and version control systems
  • Understanding of .NET Core Platform and C#
  • Basic knowledge of mobile development ideally with Flutter technology


What do we offer, apart from a competitive salary

• Easily negotiable Flexi Office
• Motivating yearly bonuses
• 5 weeks of paid vacation
• 5 days Personal time off
• Meal allowances
• Contribution to pension scheme
• Possible foreign business trips
• Notebook 
• Up to two 24″ monitors, ergonomic keyboard
• Smartphone – iPhone or Samsung
• Complimentary tea, subsidised coffee, free fruit on Mondays and Wednesdays
• Relax room & games room
• Technical trainings and certificates of your choice
• Attendance at local & foreign conferences
• Soft-skills and managerial trainings
• Possible internal growth
• Referral program bonuses
• Loyalty bonus


Michaela Kotýnková
Michaela Kotýnková
+420 725 597 101


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