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We started as an idea inspired by Deep Blue (IBM). We have developed an unparalleled understanding of esport games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and other titles. Soon that idea was put in motion and in 2015 a leading-edge tech company was founded.

With the help of 20 outstanding team members – game analysts, quantitative analysts, and developers – we developed our own unique value proposition. Our confidence in the solutions we make let us become a market pioneer for esports betting.


We are looking for a Scala developer to join our backend team of senior developers. Come to work with us on predicting the results of esports matches. We monetize it as an odds provider for bookmakers and as a market maker on betting platforms. You are getting an opportunity to become a part of a leading esports trading company and co-create a greenfield low-latency platform, build a cutting edge tech product from scratch, as well as directly interact with the esports business.

We welcome Scala as well as non-Scala or even non-JVM developers to apply for the position; structured thinking is more important than immediate knowledge of language or libraries or tools we use.

What can you expect? Most of our code is written in Scala and based on Akka libraries (Actors, Streams, HTTP). We have a set of microservices communicating over Kafka for publish-subscribe and HTTP for request-response which we deploy as Docker containers on AWS. We maintain JSON and XML APIs for our odds-feed clients and a GraphQL server for our several React/Typescript frontend applications.


  • Deep understanding of programming principles such as single responsibility, type safety, resource safety, invariants
  • Ability to formulate the domain and your ideas in self-documenting code
  • Experience with or interest in functional programming
  • Working in a team environment and being able to share your knowledge with other team members

We are looking for a candidate, who will:

  • Develop reliable, low-latency applications and scalable back-end applications
  • Explore the design space and discuss the best solution with your colleagues
  • Implement the infrastructure for calculating odds and creating a market for sports betting platforms
  • Deploy and monitor our services running on AWS
  • Do code reviews


  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours and home office
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Mobile phone, MacBook
  • Daily meal vouchers and Multisport card
  • Modern offices located in the center of Prague


Lukáš Michálek
Lukáš Michálek
+420 731 442 031


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