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A great opportunity to forward your career to the next level. In this role, you will analyze issues, find the root of the problem and a way how to fix it. The position is open in the team working on the development of SW product for hospitality which helps restaurants in providing better and faster services to its customers. The product is used on the global market and has become solution #1 for restaurants.

You will work in the international company with the headquarter in the USA, so active use of English is guaranteed! All teams work in Agile environment with the use of Scrum methodology.


You will work on a project based on C# and .Net core API in a back-end team focused on providing RESTful API for our brand new Point of Sale solution. We run our development and QA environment on Windows Server based virtual machines where is our API interacting with Point of Sale and wrapping it, so it can be used in a modern way as a RESTful service. Our current test automation is in Typescript and Node.js and we are currently making efforts to run it under C# in dockerized environment.

You will be part of our effort to replace the existing Point of Sale systems with modern solution running on mobile devices and migration of back-end services to the cloud.


  • Experienced with automation – creation of test cases and test plans
  • 2+ years of software engineering, ability to read and understand the code
  • Experience with C# is an advantage
  • Experience testing webservices (HTTP REST API)
  • Experience with Agile development and SCRUM methodologies is an advantage
  • Good English
  • Fast learner


  • Working with strong IT professionals and learning best practices
  • International environment of the stable company
  • Nice office with table football, play station and summer grill. Location: Karlín
  • Team buildings, business breakfasts
  • Flexible working hours, 1 Home Office weekly on agreement with a manager
  • Benefits: 5 weeks of vacation, 5 sick days, Cafeteria program – 12.000 CZK/year + 3% from your salary, Multisport card and others.

Does it sound interesting? Apply now and I will contact you for further details.


Alexandra Vorobyová
Alexandra Vorobyová
+420 702 085 425


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