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Obor: IT vývoj, IT vývoj,
Lokalita: celá ČR,
Město: Brno
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The company itself is dedicated to the production and development of microchips, but they do not focus on their miniaturization (such as Intel or AMD) but on their reliability in extreme conditions. Their microchips can handle temperatures over +200 ° C and their customers are aerospace, automotive and automotive industries. They have about 34 thousand employees worldwide. The office in Brno has 160 people.


  • research and implement new technologies and devise a way to automate the design and simulation processes using AI
  • with the help of AI, they speed up the pipeline of their work and have already completed more projects in this area, but as the Brno team grows, they also need new technologies that the existing team can handle

Work environment:

  • They have closed offices. On a PC, they have Windows with remote access to a Linux server via a virtual machine.

HW equipment:

  • Everyone gets a laptop (12-15 ″) + 2 monitors

Team: 7 people – senior developers in the field of automation and design of integrated circuits (not AI engineers). They mainly use Python for work and Perl and SKILL for automation.


  • senior programmer with advanced work experience in machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI), 2-3 y+
  • 2y+ programming experience, ideally in the field of electrical engineering
  • a university degree
  • English at the B2 level
  • willingness to attend a coordination call with the US team once / a week around 5-6 PM
  • free access to the Czech labor market
  • willingness to relocate to Brno


  • growth to the position of Team Leader in the future
  • HO-1-2 days a week
  • Meal tickets
  • Transport / accommodation / mortgage allowance
  • Multisport card


Jakub Dubovan
Jakub Dubovan
+420 739 342 792


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