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    It’s difficult to see clearly where your career can go when you’re busy building it. We find out who you really are and what you truly want to do, and create a path that will take you forward. Find work where the future looks bright.
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It´s Time of Engineers

According to survey, conducted in 2012 by ManpowerGroup company, engineering positions are second of the ten hardest positions to be filled.

We collaborate with a wide range of experts across different types of fields, such as automotive, electronics, construction industry, aerospace, energy and nuclear industry.

Our team, focused on engineering , can offer rich experience, because workes in this field for more than 4 years. Our consultants, as a part of well-established team, have created an extensive network of contacts. They deeply understand the demand requirements and they are familiar with professional recruitment process. Some of our team members are former engineers, so they can take an advantage from their technical expertise and experiense to fully understand your requirements.

Check out our new video - are you an engineer?

Then has come your time - it's time of engineers!